How To Play With Your Ferret

My ferrets love those small animal beds found in most pet stores.  They love to wrestle each other for the small space (even though they each have their own bed).  In the end, they usually end up curled into one big ferret pretzel and fall asleep.  Gigit (my female) is much more intelligent than Boomer (my male)  so she is bored much easier than him.  For an easily bored ferret, I stop buying toys.  I use old film canisters filled with sand/rice, or move their favorite toy and make them find it.  When they sneak it off to their hiding spot, follow them and put in a new spot. Cat toys on sticks work great.  Just remove the catnip and fill with a ferret treat, they go nuts.   -Jess

Matrix, our 1-1/2 year old male ferret, loves to play our version of hide-n-seek. I will initiate this game by hiding around a corner and waiting for him to come along. When he appears, I will jump out and ROAR at him. This makes him run back around the corner and wait for me to come get him. If I don't appear, he will come after me. I will chase him into the bedroom under the bed. I will bend down to look for him under the bed and he will sneak up on me from behind. When I see him, I ROAR at him again and he runs back under the bed. What ever direction, I look for him at, he will come at me from behind. I can never tell what direction he will come from. He likes to "get me". He is very ornery.

Hiya! I have some games that Stormy and I love to play, figured someone else might like to try them out too. Stormy likes to "attack" anything that is not my hand (and sometimes if it is) so I throw jingle balls or wadded up apaer balls around the floor and she runs around chasing them and dragging them off. Or I take her sqeaky dog toy and make it "jump" on her and rub it up and down her (not too hard!) and she wiggles and squirms and bites it all she wants till she runs off to find another way to attack the toy. Those are Stormy favorite games besides attacking me if I get too close before play tie is hope someone has fun with 'em too! -Spazz

   An idea I had a while ago for my ferret was to get 5 boxes and connect them with tubes. In the largest box I bought a box of 100 ballpit plastic balls. My ferret goes crazy. He uses the biggest box as a dig box. You can get a pack of 100 plastic ball pit balls for 9.99 at Toys R us.

      Daniel C.

   1. Take a shallow plastic container and fill it with water about an inch deep. Be sure to put it on a towel if you don't want to get the floor soaking wet. After awhile Max (our boy) will try to tip it over, which yours may do as well so make sure it's plenty wide and long in relation to depth. Xena (our girl) loves to put her face in as deep as she can and fling the water every which way with her paws.

      2. Whenever they start to slow down, we put a plastic bag in the play area (we have a Great Wall), and let one or both of them crawl in, which is when the real fun begins! As soon as all 4 (or 8) legs are inside, I grab the handles and either drag it around or pick it up a few inches off the floor and swing it around in a circle. After a few seconds I set down the bag and out pops at least one dancin' and dookin' ferret!

     3. Max can be a bit of a sulker if he's not played with enough (or at least that's his perception), so I take him fishing. Actually, I have a child's fishing pole with a feather pompom on the end of the line. He loves chasing it around. Of course I let him catch it every once in awhile so he doesn't get discouraged, and when that happens, the fight is on!

    Another thing we just discovered is to throw a Cheweasel into the "Great Wall" playpen. Since we have 2 ferrets and they both LOVE the Cheweasels, this creates no end of excitement, especially since we only put one in.

   From "Bubba"

   If you have a long piece of PVC pipe, or a smooth plastic pipe of some kind, place your ferret in one end and gently tip it up so the ferret slides down. Don't do it too fast!!! It becomes like a slide and my ferrets would slide out and run back to be put back in again!!
      Simba, Meko and Sweet Pea

   We recently visited Seattle (see the story on our site) and visited a no-kill shelter called The Best Little Rabbit, Rodent and Ferret House. They had a play box filled with puzzle pieces instead of rice or dirt. That's most likely what we will use, as they said the ferrets don't eat the puzzle pieces (they may steal them though), so they're probably safer than rice and definitely cleaner than sand, peat or dirt. Also, has dig boxes with starch shipping peanuts (they disintegrate with water or saliva) for a very reasonable price.
      ( Bubba, thanks for the great ideas!)

California Bandit #1

   Fill a box a few inches deep with white rice and add some toys and the fun
     starts (just make sure your ferret doesn't eat the rice).

   A visitor sent this wonderful game idea with photos!  Aren't they adorable?  Ferrets LOVE to dig and tunnel in dirt and sand!

"Our ferrets have endless fun when we get a grow bag ( peat ) and cut a hole in the top, stand back and watch the dirt fly."


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