This page is dedicated to the memory of wonderful ferrets who have passed on.  Even though they are no longer with us physically, their memories, their love and the special contributions they made in the lives of their families will live on forever.  
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Ghost Baby

My son Conor's beautiful albino ferret, Ghost Baby, left us this morning after almost eight years.  She was tiny; much smaller than most ferrets; and she got my son through a very tough time in his life in a way I will never forget.  We will always love her.

Conor really, really wanted a ferret.  He was a small, quiet child, and had a hard time socializing when he was 10 or 11.  At nine years old, he drew a picture of a ferret and titled it, rather heartbreakingly, "My Ferett" ( my son has a learning problem that makes spelling very difficult for him).  That picture hung on the wall of his room for two years when a friend of mine, who had recently purchased a 6 week old female ferret, had to move across the country, without her new pet.

I brought her home.  She was so tiny, Conor had a hard time finding her in the carrier.  He called her "Ghost-Baby."  She was so small and so white, she almost appeared transluscent.  Ghost-Baby lived in Conor's room and soon was the proud owner of a three-story ferret townhouse.  She chirruped at Conor when he spoke to her, played with him constantly, tearing up pillows, running under blankets, chewing through cardboard tubes, bouncing up and down sideways.  There were times I could hear him whispering to her and recounting his troubles to her.  Until he was about 16 and began to blossom socially, Ghost-Baby was his closest confidante.

When Conor left for college, Ghost-Baby moved into our room.  Being a friendly and extremely self-assured ferret, she hated being alone.  She teased our cats, scared our labrador retriever, drove our fox terrier nuts.  However, whener Conor came home, she chirruped and demanded his time with her, which he always gave.

She began to slowly lose weight and our vet said she was just starting to slow down.  No particular illness; just the furious light of her life was beginning to dim.  This past weekend, Conor came home from college and had his last conversation with her; Conor holding Ghost Baby who was curled up in her favorite fuzzy hat.

She closed her eyes on Monday evening and, by this morning, was barely breathing.  I called Conor at school, who told me that she was doing just as they planned when he saw her on Saturday.  Ghost-Baby was quietly going to sleep and becoming a real ghost.

She died a few hours ago.  I did not think it was possible to love a little animal so much.  We will bury her right outside Conor's window on Thanksgiving, but our family will keep giving thanks for our little Ghost-Baby for many, many years.

Carol R. Wasserman


Our sweet Lizziebell was one month shy of turning 4 years old when we had to put her to sleep due to liver cancer. Coming home to play with her after work was the highlight of my day. She was the most personable, playful and well mannered ferret you would ever come across. She fought so hard to try and let onas though nothing was wrong with her. She was such a strong little fighter, and I will always remember that about her. I miss waking up to her in the mornings waiting for her head rub or chasing me around the house trying to bite my feet. Lizzie-Mommy, Daddy and Biscuit all love you and miss you so much. We hope you are at peace now and happy making friends with all the other ferrets around you. I just hope you know we tried our best to care for and love you up until the absolute end and even now. We love you Babybell.

My Michelle

My sweet Michelle left the world on Monday, September 12th. She was only 3 1/2 years old. I bought her on Valentines day of 2001 and I picked her because she scratched me. I knew she was a fighter and that's why I fell in love with her. I don't know what was wrong with her,she lost a lot of weight and had no energy left. I had to feed her through a syringe but she fought hard to stay alive. I miss her so much and I cant help but feel like it was my fault that she died. The only thing that brings me a little happiness is that she died in my arms knowing that she was loved. She's not in pain anymore and she's somewhere in a field running and playing with a whole bunch of other ferrets. Her brothers Axl and Izzy miss you so much my baby Michelle. I hope to see you again someday and we'll all be together again.

Li'l Bear

" Li'l Bear" was my constant companion & I miss him so very much.. I was with him at least 3 or 4 times each day.. I got him from Liane Beckwith in 1997.. He had been abandoned by his previous owner & left at the doorstep of Dr. Deeb.. He was about 4 or 5 years old at that time when I got him.. He enjoyed a good ferrets life while with me... He was a very content ferret & thru lots of love given to him by Cara Quinn, Jeff & myself, he lived a long life.. He died July 24th after a short illness.. He was 12 or 13 years old?" It would be very hard for me to have another ferret, as it is so hard to lose one..


I am at such a loss for words right now I don't even know what to say. After I lost Forrest and Natasha I felt some comfort in the fact that Tatijana was still with me. Then, just a few months later, my sister, convinced that she was lonley, bought me Yosei. Yosei has turned out to be quite the handful, but none the less they enjoyed each other's company. However, this morning I lost Tatijana. Her death was very sudden and unexpected. I hope that she has found Forrest and Natasha and is happy wherever she is and knows that I did everything for her that I could in her last few hours. I would really appreciate some feedback now, I am not sure what to do about Yosei. I have decided he will require much more attention, yet I cannot bare to get another Fuzzy and continue the cycle of losing one and replacing another. If any of you have suggestions please let me know. I love Yosei and would not give him up for anything. I just don't think that I could deal with losing him someday and then having another solitary soul in my midst. As I said comments are welcome - John

Tinker---Nov.1999 to June 7, 2005

I whispered to my little girl Tinker that it was ok for her to go & she died next to me at 5:15am on June 7th, 2005. You were my first ferret, the "left-over" one at the pet store after the Christmas of 1999. I walked by that store & saw you several times before Christmas. After Christmas, you were still there so I went in & made a deal with the owner & you came home with me; he said you were the runt of the litter & a female to boot, so he gave me a deal on you(& what a lovely little deal you were). I really didn't know all that much about ferrets at the time, but we proceeded to grow & learn from each other. You are the "little-one" that introduced me to the wonderousness of ferret ownership, you brightened my life & through you I became a better human being; I'll always be thankful to you Tinker. Like most ferrets, you had a few bad habits(not unlike ferret owners too). The rugs ajacent to my closets & closed doors will always be a memorial to you & your diggy little feet or the way you sometimes missed the litterbox in your cage. No matter, all is forgiven Tinker; I hope you can forgive me for my bad habits. Your love of cucumbers will always be remembered(as long as I removed the skin & took the seeds out). You were fussy & I loved you for that, my petite, dainty little girl. When you were about a year & a half I thought you might like a roomate so I bought Baby-Bear, you two were the perfect match & became great friends, playing happily & always "busy" during your out of cage time.....he misses you. Last year I added Dooker to our family & this Spring, Woogie. You didn't like those two guys much, as you were getting older & didn't want to play like you used to; lucky those guys lived in a separate cage. Baby-Bear could handle the tussles with those two, but you were quite content to wander around & investigate things for a while & then come to sit on my lap or sleep in my shirt or do whatever as long as it was with me.....I really miss you. I was always worried something would happen to you guys while I was away, that's why before I would leave each time I'd quietly call out "Remember I love you little ferrets & always will; I'll be back as soon as I can". Therefore, I'm thankful that when your end came, it was peaceful & I was there gently stroking your little body as you passed over the bridge. Our hearts are broken, but we look forward to seeing you again someday...

Love Always little Tinker, Baby-Bear, Dooker, Woogie & (Dad)Corey

June, 16 2005
I had two ferrets Codo & Podo. They have been the greates pets I have ever owned. Very loving and always into whatever they can get ahold of. They were litter mates and I got them in NJ. back in early 2000. They have been very healthy up until here recently. Podo had to have adreanl surgery after losing almost all her hair. She has made a full recovery. Codo unfortunately had a severe siezure yesterday, and I was not home to treat him. I found him in a extremely weak and droggy state when I arrived home. I tried to revive him with a little Karo syrup. I took him to the vet this morning. They got him up a couple of times but he would go back into siezures after just a few minutes. I wanted him to be operated on, but the vet said in his current state that he would most likely die on the table. So I had to make a choice and that choice was to put him to sleep. I buried him this afternoon in my moms backyard. He will be very much missed. I will continue to care for Podo his litter mate until her time comes. After that, I dont think I can handle another ferret, it just hurts to bad to lose them.
I will see you on the other side little buddy.


Well, I've always been interested in Ferrets, but my mom never let me have one because of the smell, I always used to go to my neighbors house and play with his ferrets, specially when they had kits. But that all changed when Mr. Simpson, our next door neighbor from our Manhattan apartment suddenly died of a heart attack.
One day when I was coming home from school and entering the elevator, and saw 2 cops. At first I didnt think much about it but when we arrived at my floor and I saw people, nurses, and cops I panicked. I new that something terrible was happening. So what I did was that I asked the nurse what was happening and she told me that Mr. Simpson died of what they think was a heart attack. I was shocked... Mr. Simpson? The really nice guy that always let me play with his ferrets? I coudn't believe it so what I did was I ran into my apartment and called up my mom crying.
2 days later I finally calmed down. It was Saturday so my mom (like always) went to her woman-meeting thing, wich they talk about things that arent for my ears... or anyone elses... haha. While I was coming out of my apartment, I heard something weird, but didnt think much of it and left for soccer practice. But when I came home that afternoon and heard the same thing while walking towars my apartment, I decided to take a good look, so I sat there in front of my door listening. And realized that it was coming from Mr. Simpsons old apartment, I knew that they had taken all his ferrets, so what I though was that maybe a cat got stuck there or something, but I wasnt convinced so what I did was go downstairs and told Mischa, the secretary anout it and she gave me the key of the apartment to go find out. When I came into the apartment was I saw a kit, well it looked more like a baby baby ferret actually, but I knew that it coudnt be because Mr. Simpsons ferret didnt have her babies that long ago, so i went into my apartment got all my monet (wich was about 100 dollars and bought food, a water bottle, treats and some little toys. The owner of the pet store told me that my ferret was old enough to eat by itself and stuff so i took HER home.
About a week later of hiding my new ferret in my room, my mom started complaining that my room smelled horrible and that i needed to open the window. So I slept with the window open, in the cold (because it was winter) with my ferret sleeping underneath my covers curled up in a ball next to my ferret.
Winter Break! and the first thing I did was I got home, got all my money, and put Abbey in my pocket with my hand over her. I had finally saved up enough money for my new ferret cage and other stuff. So I went to that pet store and got Abbey a ferret cage, 3 sweaters, 2 collars, a leash, a hammock, and little cute toys. but I only took the little stuff home and told them to deliver it to this adress, but wrapped up and with a card that says "for: Atiana".
I still hadent named my little Panda ferret, I had been calling her little panda. but that night my mom brought her new boyfriend over for dinner and talked about all the classic movied=s he's just seen and I wasnt listening very much but he said something about a baby ferret taken and killed just for a princess named Abbey and that when the princess found out she made her guards kill the man by cutting his head off.. so then I just started naming my "baby panda" Abbey.

On Christmas-eve my annoying little cousins came.. When I see them, Im so glad that Im an only child... and while I was saying hi to everybody, somehow the got in my room. All of the sudden we see the little girl runnig towars us screaming "AAAAHHHHH! A RAT!" and my little Abbey chasing her down the hall. At first I laughed but then I ran over there and got Abbey. It was so weird. My mom was kind of drunk. I expected her to get furiose, but somehow she was fasinated with Abbey.
The next day she sat me down and told me that she was so glad that I went over and asked her if I could keep her... The funny part was that I never did that!

The cage arrived 2 days later and my moms boyfriend, Patrick put it together for me.
Now Im 21, and Im in college. Im studying to be a vet. Abbey passed away last month, She was only 9 years old. She's the only ferret I've had, and I bet she's the best I'll ever have. When Abbey whas around 2, we found out that all of Mr. Simpsons ferrets, Abbeys siblings, had been killed in a fire, along with Mr. Simpsons daughter's dog. Im happy that I've got to pass this last 9 years with Abbey.. and I know that when I go to heaven she'll be waiting for me, and we'll both sleep like we used to sleep. Oh and by the way when I went off to college and took Abbey with me, my mom couldnt stand living along so sh ot a ferret, and the another one and then another one, so now she has 3, Pierre is the oldest boy, then comes Chico who's the mid-child, and then last but not least, Mia, the baby girl of the house. My mom got married to Patrick but they decided not to have any kids, but now I have a stepbrother, Mickey, who's 29, wich Abbey also made him into a ferretholic and now he was 2, Itchy and Scratchy (like the simpsons) ], both boys.
In memory of my sweet, loving baby girl Abb


April 27, 2005
I bought Ambrosius from a pet shop in 2000 when he was just a baby. He was with me when I left my ex, and he was with me through meeting my husband, and he was with me through the hard times when a drunk driver hit us and killed our best friend. We called him "Weezie", and he was our Weezil of Doom. My special guy. Last summer the air conditioner opened the screen door and he got out. We looked for him all day and all night and put up posters, and my neighbor's daughter found him in their yard eating dog food. I was overjoyed when I got him back. We've had one more year with him. He was a big fat happy weezil who had never, ever been sick until about 3 weeks ago when he began to drop weight and have black tarry poo. He had a bleeding ulcer and would not eat. I took him to the vet repeatedly and got him antibiotics and food supplements and had to force feed him, but it didn't help. He wanted to be held all the time, so I made a little scarf sling and carried him around with me. Then he began to lose function in his back legs and have these funny head seizures where his eyeballs would keep sucking into his head. This morning I got up and he had messed all over himself and his cage, and when he tried to walk he would just clunk over. I washed him and dried him so he wouldn't be uncomfortable. I fought with myself for a couple of hours and then called the vet. Weezie was done. So I wrapped him up in his little baby blanket and laid him in my lap in the car. I took him to say goodbye to my husband at work, and we went to the vet's. We put him to sleep at 11:00a.m. I stayed with him and held him and talked to him while he died quietly. I kissed his little face with its broken tooth where he had bitten his cage a few years ago. I wrapped him in his little blanket and told the vet I wanted his ashes back, and I had to leave my little baby behind.
Weezie, I love you so much. I will think of you every day and I will miss you for the rest of my life. I will miss you leaping around and I will miss the way your eyes bugged when you pooped. I will miss your chuttering and your always trying to get in the cabinets. I will miss feeding you banana chips and Ferretone. Tigger and Maggie will be lonely without you. I will miss cuddling your chubby little body and kissing your face. My noodle, I love you. You were my baby weezil.

Lady Siobhánnah Ruaidh inghean uí an Bháird
Captain of the Faerie Queene (of the Fleet Corvus Corax)
Mistress of Arts and Sciences
Shire of Nahrun Kabirun

Sweetie Pie

my ferret sweetie pie died today of an unknown illness, i got her and her
brother wu-way in early 2000 and they were so small i could carry them around in
the front pocket of my sweatshirt. she was both a cuddler and a biter(but not
too hard). last year i moved into a studio apartment with my girlfriend and due
to the lack of space was forced to give them to my parents, now i cant help but
feel that i abandoned them somehow, even though i saw them once a week. she will
be missed most of all by her brother who will be under quarentine for a while to
make sure he is alright before we find him a freind to ease the loss. bye bye
sweetie pie.


Just this past Friday, March 11th, I was holding my sweet little Chip while his suffering came to an end. I got him from a pet store when he was just 10 weeks old and I fell in love with him instantly, as did my mom and dad. He was just 4 1/2 and his body was completely overtaken by cancer. It was such a shock that he went from being so healthy to so helpless and weak in such a short period of time.

We always knew that one day our sweet boy would be gone, but of course you are never prepared for it. We will miss absolutely everything about him; his kisses, cuddles, and most of all his amazing ability to make us smile, especially when we most needed it. He was so full of love and affection for being such a little guy, and people couldn't help but fall in love with him, even just from stories we would tell about him. We looked forward to coming home every day just to see his fuzzy, sweet face and have him give us kisses.

Sweet Chipper, the three of us will hold a special place in our hearts for you forever. We love you and miss you every day, and we are so lucky to have shared your life with you. Thanks for all of the memories, you will never be forgotten.

Love always and forever,
Mom, Grandma and Grandpa


Sashaboo born on 10/21/2003, was the sweetest lil fuzz anyone could love.We bought her from a pet shop and out of her litter she seemed to be the runt of the pick.She brought much happiness to our home.In January of 2005,she became sick due to an unknown illness to which neither vet that we took her to could place a diagnosis to. She went from a very healthy and wild lil 1/2 year old to a poor helpless lil thing that couldn't event move her hind legs to stand. We couldn't bare to see her suffer even after all the care and vet visits. We decided to put her to sleep,and ease her pain. Sashaboo your older brother Tikki misses you and your parents love you very much. Love your Mom,Dad and your brother Tikki


My first “ferret child” was Honey. I loved her dearly and she was taken from me all too soon. I will miss her always and never forget what a wonderful and smart ferret she was. Wait for me on Rainbow Bridge and we’ll be together again. Booger misses you so much and I know he thinks about you everyday. You were my Honey Bunny and I’ll love you forever!
Love with our whole hearts,
Mom, Auntie Stephanie, & Booger

I just lost my six year old ferret Buddy.  My wife found him and my female ferret Alice had buried him under the shavings in the cage. The two have been together for three years.

Buddy will be greatly missed in the family. He will always be with us.  He was sweet and gave kisses and wasn't a biter.  He died in his sleep with no signs of suffering.

Dear Hansel,
You were so tiny when Kat and Chung gave you to me for my birthday—I still can’t believe how
fast you grew in 2 months! You were so energetic and always ready to play, I loved coming home to
you chasing and biting me. Everyday you’d do something to make me laugh! You were so curious and fearless…even though the neighbour’s dog got to you, I’m sure you put up a good fight!
I miss your little ferret noises (nu-noop, nu-noop!) and the way your head poked out from under the fridge.
I’ll always regret the day I left the back door open.
Love, Martina xx


Blaze was the coolest ferret ever. We got her when she was 8 and she made it to 10! I had got heart disease and couldn't do much and our friend was moving to singapore so she couldn't keep her and I needed a friend. She was very playful even at 10 but she started going blind and got real sick and never fully recovered. She started getting a tumor on her leg and after we got it removed it came back. We didn't have money to keep helping her and even though it killed us, we decided to put her down. We miss you alot blazey and wish we didn't have to let you go. Your buddy keefer misses you too and wishes you were still around to pick on. You'll always be with us in our hearts and we'll see you on the other side.

Today, January 3, 2005, my beloved Ferret, "Ferret" was put to sleep after
battling Insulinoma for several months.  She was a stray ferret that was found
and brought to my vet.  I took her home and couldn't think of a name for her, so
I called her "Ferret", she was my very first ferret.  That was 4 years ago.  She
became sick several months ago and although she lost weight and was losing her
hair, she still had some zip left in her.  After days of finding her in a coma
like state, I made the very difficult decision to end her suffering.  I said
goodbye to her this morning, although she was pretty much out of it due to
another seizure, and my mother took her to the vet for me.  I know she is in a
better place now.  Because of my love for her, I also adopted another ferret,
"Frodo" and recently got a baby ferret for christmas, "Gwen".  I will never
forget that little ferret.  She was such a sweetheart and always got into my
trash and I remember when she would grab hairbrushes three times her weight and
drag them down the hallway.  She will truly be missed.  I love you Ferret and
hope you are looking down on your brother and sister.

Mommy Brooke
Grandma Adrienne
Frodo & Gwen, Ernie, Sarah & Fudge.



We all miss you, our family will never be the same without you. Your ferret brothers don't understand where you went. .I am so sorry I didn't listen to you, you knew it was time. I just had to try. You are now romping around up there like you once did here. Possum was our albino ferret we found in the neighbors yard about 2 years ago. He was sick for about 2 weeks, enlarged spleen. He got better, then regressed. He had some type of autoimmune disease. It broke my heart that I couldn't heal him. Love Mom, Dad, Gizmo, Frankie, Armani, and Chewbacca.

It is difficult to put into words just how much Earl meant to me. My whole life
revolved around Earl and making him happy. I thought about Earl all the time,
even after we'd been together a long time. I couldn't wait to come home to Earl
after working all day. I loved cuddling Earl and spending time with him. I loved
everything about Earl. He always seemed happy; his tail curved upwards, like a
smile. His eyes were black and shiny, his fur dark and glossy. Earl and I were
meant to be together.  I belonged to him as much as he belonged to me. I always
thought Earl knew everything that was worth knowing. When I felt troubled, Earl
was always there for me. Earl developed adrenal gland disease and insulinoma
after we'd been together about three years. He had surgery which he survived by
almost three years. Then the adrenal gland tumors came back, and he lost a lot
of weight. After refusing to eat and otherwise letting me know it was time to
go, I helped him cross to the bridge on July 24, 2004.

Earl, I think about you every day. I can't wait to see you again. Please take
care of Tim. I didn't think you two would be together again quite so soon. I
miss you both!


I got Timmy and Shadow to be companions to Earl in April, 2002. Timmy always
seemed more vulnerable and fragile than the other ferrets I've had. If Timmy
were a little boy, he'd be a dreamer and a poet. He was a sweet, gentle and
innocent soul. In August, 2002, I found him under our coach. I thought he was
dead as he was limp and unresponsive. I rushed him to Animal Emergency, where he
was treated with an IV and fluids for two days. He had become dehydrated
secondary to some sort of G.I. problem which was never clearly defined. I felt
incredibly lucky that I found him in time to save him and that he had survived
the ordeal. In 2004, Timmy developed adrenal gland disease which I was treating
with Lupron until I could afford his surgery. He had been sleeping a lot, and I
suspected he had insulinoma. I had him tested, but the vet said he was negative.
On December 1, I came home from work and found Tim dead in the middle of the
basement floor. The vets told me he had insulinoma, and the tumors had
metastisized to his liver.

Timmy: I didn't know you were that sick! You were so good at hiding it. And I
didn't trust my own judgment. I knew you better than the doctors. I strongly
suspected insulinoma, but they said no, and I didn't treat you for it. I feel
like I let you down. Please forgive me Tim. I love you!

Love, your mommy


My 13 year old son and I lost our little buddy, Ziggy, today at 9:35pm, Dec. 16, 2004, at 7 and a half years old. I bought him from a pet store when he was 6 weeks old. He was the second ferret I had bought from the same store. The first one, Scooter, was very frisky and active and loved to play 'til he dropped from exhaustion. Ziggy was about a month younger and very docile compared to Scooter, but loved to cuddle and give kisses. Both ferrets had the run of the apartment, but as soon as I was up out of bed or home from class or work, they both would follow me until I was still, then they would lay on my feet. Scooter passed on almost a year ago to the day.

Today, we lost Ziggy, he was breathing irregular and seemed to have a cold, but this evening he had a mild seizure in my arms and then was still. His last little breath was on my cheek and my tears soon flowed after. He was my little sweetheart and cuddler, and we will miss him for the rest of our lives. He was the best little pet we ever had and was always happy to see us and kiss us. Ziggy, we will carry you in our hearts forever.
Love, K & H, Phoenix, AZ, Dec.16, 2004


In 2001 we adopted 2 full grown ferrets, Buddy and Lisa. They came from a couple who had just had a baby and they didn't want to neglect the ferrets. So with a little hesitation, without knowing the joy they would bring, I allowed our daughter to bring them home. At least they were well cared for, had a huge cage (3 levels!) and all the necessities they could bring.

Fast track to the present... Buddy died on Christmas day 2004. To say that this has been a very difficult Christmas is to say the least. He was an agressive little bugger, that's what I would call him. But he was very alert and a very handsome guy. He of course had been neutered but still kept some agression towards Lisa. Although I must admit, it had been a while since he did this. He began to lose weight recently and Christmas morning I noticed that he was very listless. We fed him with ferret food moistened in water through a syringe as well as water. But it was not enough. Being Christmas Day, there were no emergency vet clinics open and by that time, it was too late. We came back after visting releatives late at night to find him at the bottom of the cage. He was breathing rather strangely, and I took him into my arms and wrapped him in towels that were heated in clothes dryer. HE always loved that (hint hint... Ferrets love heat!) So for 2 hours we did that, heated towels and kept him comfortable as best we could. I don't think he suffered.. as he never murmoured or cried or anything. He did have on final bowel movemnet, it was normal and not watery and we had hoped for the best but he did eventually die at around midnight.

Buddy I am sorry for not being able to save you.. I realize you were about 7 so I guess it was your time. Lisa has also been suffering from that adrenal disease but our prayers have been answered as she has fully regained her hair back! Except for her tail. Thank you God for hearing our prayers. So far she has been ok with Buddy gone, she is eating and playing as normal as possible I guess. Thank you for this opportunty to write about Buddy.


Last night we found our precious little Ringo had passed away. His brother Hank, and little sister Buddha were grieving for him when I went in there and found him. We have had Buddha for 2 years(10/02) and we adopted Ringo and Hank in late June, 2004. They were both adults, and no one knew how old they were. We also knew they weren't from the same litter. I love all my ferrets equally, but there was a very special bond between me and Ringo. He was my little lover. Everytime I was in their room Buddha would dance around and nibble on my toes, Hank would go imediately to the food, and Ringo would climb on my lap and just look into my eyes. I always felt like he was communicating with me then.(I know its corny, but you ferret moms and dads know what I mean.) He would sit there and just cuddle for as long as I would let him. Ringo was such a sweet boy. I wish I knew why he passed, I wish I could've done something for him, but I guess it was his time. I hope he knows how much he is loved, and even more how much he is missed. You will always be in our hearts Ringo, my sweet little beatle....Love, Mom and Dad
You have been my brother for my whole life, and life won't be the same with you gone. I am so happy I have our sister Buddha with me now, but the bond we had could never be replaced. I will miss sleeping with you, and following you around wherever you went. I'll miss you grooming me all the time. I love you so much, and can't wait to see you again someday.....Love, your brother, Hank.
You haven't been my brother for long, but in the time we've had you have let me bug you so much! I am so much younger than you were, and I have so much energy, but you never EVER bit me when I would play rough with you, or tackle you when you were trying to sleep. I promise to take good care of Hank. The night after you passed Hank and I slept together for the first time. I love you big brother.....Love...little sis, Buddha.

Natasha and Forrest

I bought Tatijana and her sister Natasha in 1998, about 2 years later I adopted forrest from a good home that was moving to California that could no longer care for them. In July of this year Forrest became ill and passed away. Natasha took the loss very hard and about two weeks later on the Night that I moved back to Great Falls, she passed away in my arms while I was feeding her chicken broth. Now, I just have my little Tatijana left and I know that she misses them both. I spend more time with her now then ever so she has company, I have thought of getting her a friend, but I just could not bare to lose her and then have another loner. Forrest was burried in Billings on the rims, it was one of his favorite places to play and he was so curious that I know he loves it there because he can see the whole city. Natasha is here in my new back yard where I can go out and visit her every day. Tatijana and I would like to send this message to them:

Dear Forrest and Natasha- We both miss you and love you very much. Although your final resting places are not together, I know that you are together in heaven. Natasha, I miss you as you were my first ferret ever, but I know that you feel you needed to look after forrest and therefore saw it fit to leave Tatijana and I behind. Know that we miss your playing and rolling around everytime we both go out for a walk together or see another ferret that looks like you. Know that someday I will get to see you again and the pain that we feel in your absence will subside.

We hold you in our hearts forever, John and Tatijana


3/17/98 - 7-19-04
Shasta there will be a forever place in our hearts you our faithful friend. Even though we had to say good-bye a place that will hold the sadness of parting, but also the unconditional love, and fond and funny memories, and the one-in-a-lifetime friendship we shared. Shasta you may be gone but we will never forget you. We love you and miss you every day.
Love, Mom&Dad,
Charlie, Petunia, Midnight
and Wynonna

Sloan (Sloan a Doodle, Sloanie, Doodie), was my first ferret and such a character, I can't really believe that she's gone, but will be forever in my heart. September 22nd,1998-August 3rd, 2004. We nearly had 6 years together and she will be sadly missed. I'll miss her "dancing around", playing with Lola, her "sister" and the cats, Pinkerton, Weezer & Murphy. I'll miss her radical pilfering of potatoes & finding little stolen treasures in my dresser drawers. I'll miss snuggling with her, the "snuggliest" ferret you could ever meet, and I'll even miss the biting of my toes in bed to "wake up" & her licking my feet whenever I got out of the shower. Sloan passed away suddenly at home in the comfort of her "cozy castle" and was buried in our backyard in her cozy castle with her kong and a potato, her two favorit things. We'll miss you Sloan-A-Dude. I Love you, thanks for all the wonderful memories. I will plant something in the garden in memory of my "doodle" and remember her always. XOXO

Bear Bear Magnificant
Memorial to my lil furry Friend:

Bear Bear Magnificant You were one of a kind, Even though your gone you are on my mind. The way you laid in your hammock and looked like SUPERMAN, with your arms out and legs back. The way you seem to worry when I couldn't sleep, and if I wasnt well to the edge of your cage you'd sit. You laid in my arms and looked at me with love. I didn't know how much love a lil ferret like you could make someone feel, but the love you gave me was very real. I miss you, but am glad where you are you can run and play. I hope they have rhinestone bracelets there you can steal and wear. Thank Bear Bear for teaching me love is not always were people think it should be. I'll love you always. - BOO Dedicated To Bear Bear and her Owner CJ.

On july 17, 2004 we lost Sky he was our first ferret i try to find words to do the little guy justice he was so much a part of our everyday lives so much so that words alone could not explain the relationship we had as a family he was always with us he would sleep with us ,play with us and love us as much as we loved him he was just always thier and so different from our other 4 ferrets he was truely a very unique little guy .we have cried for days follow the loss of Sky and miss him so much his life was cut short at the age of 4 we pray he is happy and wish him to know that we love him with all our hearts and wish he was still here his ferret family misses him too sana, anna,miska, and houch they seem lost without him Sky we send our love to you were ever you are. you will forever be in our hearts and on our minds as long as we all shall live , We miss you little buddy

We Love you , Miss you and Think of you


Joey was unique, chubby, cute and a big part of our
lives...but today at 10:35 am..he was put to sleep. I
walked into the room and handed him to the nurse
because I could not go any further...I wanted to
remember him with his eyes open...Our little Joey was
only 6 years old when his little heart couldnt handle
it anymore.  He was a blessing to me and my parents
lives...He is now with his little sister Chelsea...who
left us just one year prior with the same
problem...Joey, you will be remembered forever and
ever....I am so sorry I didn't kiss you and hold you
till the very last minute...but i passed you on to the
ones who have taken care of you at your time of
sickness and your time of healing... I know your
loving heart will forgive me...

love you...tell chelsea i love her too....big sis yasi

Scooby and Copper
My stray albino Scooby passed away from kidney failure in March of 2004.  Copper my adopted sable was found dead while I was sitting at the table eating breakfast in April.  He was all stiff in the bottom of his ferret kingdom.  They are survived by their two brothers Bobo, and Houdi, and their sister Bibi.  They are missed very much and I loved them so much.  Especially under the circumstances under which they came into my life.  Again, Scooby being a stray found in my friends laundry basket one night and Copper and Houdi were emergency adoptions from Petco after they were seized from their owner by the police because she had too many pets for city ordnance.


In sadness, we had to let our ferret, Ferris, go on 6/9/04. It was
one of the hardest things we've ever done. He had such a sweet
personality, that brought great joy to our home. He was rescued a
year and half ago from a rescue group that I volunteered for. I
offered to foster him, and he stole our hearts!! He suffered from
heart disease and adrenal gland disease...I hope he knows how much we
love him!!  We'll miss you Ferris!

Loke, your mom and i will always remember you.We love you and miss
you.Please Loke,dont bite Gods toes.We miss you so much.
Love you Loke,                                                      
mom and dad

Rogue, Dozer, Loki
Rogue December 2000 to June 18th, 2004
Dozer~ May 2001 to March 2004
Loki ~December 2000 to April 7th 2003
To our beautiful children who will truly be missed, we gave you a happy home
and lots of  love. You gave us lots of smiles and laughter. forever in our

Mom & Dad, Katie and the kids;
Havok, Ripper Roo, Cosmo, & Roxy

Duncan and Eddie
To my dearest Little boys, Duncan and Eddie.
Duncan, you came into my life as my second ferret, in early 2000. The pet store said you had been born on Valentines day. You were so much smaller than the rest, with a massive, full, tummy. When I first met you, I held you in my hadn, and you  fell asleep. You jumped out of my hands and fell off the sofa, and mom yelled at us. We thought your stomach  was just a milk belly. That is, until we heard you screaming in the night. There was blood everywhere. We panicked. We all got into the car, Mom, Alden and me (chicken broth lady). You were vomiting blood. The vets said you had bad bacteria in your stomach, and that you wouldn't make it. I still remember your sad look, as they took you to the cages. The next day, you were awake and fine. It was a miracle. We took you home, and were given instructions to feed you baby food and chicken broth. Forever, you would come bouding up to me for your warm broth.
You lived a happy, but very short 4 year life.
I remember cleary asking mom, over the phone, how the 'zoo' was. She said, 'Not too good, V, and I knew something had happened to you. She said you had died. You came down with something, and no matter how many meds they gave you, nothing would help. Still, no one knows what took you away. After 2 days, you were fine. Then the next night, you couldn't breathe. You died in mom's hands. I would have given anything to be with you that last night, but because I can't turn back time, this is my good-bye. I will always love you, and I will never forget your fat belly and full fur. Until we meet again, Duncan, dance with Eddie on the bridge.
Forever in Debt to your years of happiness,
Vera, mom, Alden (and your sisters, Penny and Lucy).
You came with lucy Into our life, as an abandoned, starving ferret.
I never knew you quite as well as duncan or Penny, but believe me, I will always love you as much. You were the eldest, and least playful, but when you did start to romp, you gave it your all. You loved to sleep behind the washing machine, and on my big, fuzzy dog rug. You woulod drag your towel between the next and the paw, and sleep on your back. We loved your antices and sweet kisses. You died of internal bleeding, and had to suffer. I would have taken that pain for you, but I didn't know about your struggle until it was too late.
Until I see you all again, little buddy,
I love you.
Vera, (penny, Alden, Mom and Lucy.)


Teddybear was a wonderful ferret. When i first got him he was only 9 weeks old. I bought him and his sister(pretty girl) at the same time. Within no time at all I was able to train him not to bite me and he was so full of kisses. His sister however still loves to chew on my arm whenever given ample oppourtunity. Teddybear was only 2 1/2 years old he started losing weight, (he was always a fat 5 lbs)  I thought it might have been the food i bought, maybe he didn't like it. but then he started wobbling more than usual. he seemed tired/exhausted, and he hadn't been out yet that day. I took him to the vet and was told he more than likely had cancer. I knew there wasn't much I could do, she said he wouldn't live more than a week or two. I made the tough choice to put him to sleep. I wish i had more time with my little bear. Today is wednesday and i had him put to sleep on monday. At least i know he is no longer suffering. I stayed with him as he passed on, and cried when he closed his eyes for the last time. His sister pretty girl is still with me, and we'll see each other through this hard time. I loved you teddy, still do, and miss your kisses everyday.
-Mel (mommy)


Slick was born in July of 1997, and at 9 weeks of age became a part of our

We did not plan to buy a ferret, we actually went to the pet shop to pick up
a hamster. But when we saw Slick giving kisses to the store keeper, we knew
he was the pet for us. Slick became a true family member. We tried to
provide for his every need. He was an obedient and rascally guy. He was
easily potty trained and soon he trained us in all the ways of ferret
proofing our home. He had his share of scraps, once he attacked the vacuum
and got his tail broke, one he attacked the dog and almost lost his life...
but he was a survivor!

Slick, AKA Slicky Wicky Fee Fie Foe Ficky Wicky Wooster, died March 12, 2004
at 4:50 pm (he was 6 1/2 years old). He had been sick for a while and we
had decided to come home from work early that day to just hang out with the
little guy. We gave him his daily treat, and sang him his little song when
he gasped for air and collapsed in my (mommy's) arms. He died peacefully
and with his family. He was well loved, and now very missed.

In his memory we donated his Ferret Kingdom cage to a ferret rescue, with the
understanding that when we are ready to get another ferret we will adopt
from this haven. For now the sorrow is too deep, and our house is very
lonely. We dedicate this note to him and encourage all ferret owners to
love their babies with all their heart everyday!
Slicky Bo-bicky

The Kinman Family

December 2, 2003
Bandit (a.k.a. Bandito, Ban, Bandy) was the best birthday gift I had ever received. I always wanted a ferret and finally my wish came true. I got little Bandit from a pet store and fell in love at first sight. He was my little "brat" and that is what I loved about him. He was a shoe lover. Never could get enough of everyone's shoes. He was always determined to get what he wanted. Bandit was so full of life and energy and he constantly made me smile. I could always count on him to brighten my day. Although It has only been a few hours since Bandit was put to sleep I miss him greatly. I'm thankful though that I spent his last minutes there with him, petting him, talking to him. I couldn't have asked for a better ferret, I loved him with all my heart and always will. No other will ever be able to replace my baby. I wish that he wasn't taken away from me so early. He was only 4 1/2. But, now I know that he isn't suffering and is in ferret heaven. He will be greatly missed.

I Love and Miss You Ban -
Always your mama Courtney
Lucifer, ( he was a little a good way )...was, and will always be my little angel.  He passed on just recently.  He was taken away from me too soon...I miss him so much.  He was my little ferret boy. I would usually refer to him as that. I came home and found him there at the bottom of his cage.  He had died while I was out.  I only wish it could have been in my arms.  I love you so much my little ferret angel.  You gave me so many happy memories.  Now when I think of you my eyes start to tear. I am sad because I can't hold you but at the same time a little bit happy because of all the joy and memories you have given me.  No one will EVER be able to take your place. You will live on forever in my heart and memories.  There are other people who miss you too, but our relationship was special.  You are in a better place now...a place of eternal ferret play with all your friends and all the treats you can eat and anything and everything for you to explore if you so desire.  Someday I will see you again, but until then your spirit will stay in my company and you wil live forever.  I love you sooooooooo much words can't describe. 10/11/03
Peace be with you always and forever
Serene Morris

Badger died of cancer the summer of 2003. He lived 8 years. He was the sweetest little boy ferret.  
Badger loved to play with his girl friend Cuddles under the blankets. He liked to do his war dance when he was excited. He also liked to cuddle with Cuddles in their cozy hammock. His favorite food was peanut butter.
Badger brought a lot of laughter and joy into my life. I hope he is running free and having fun on the other side of the rainbow bridge with all the other ferrets. Cuddles and I love him and miss him very much.
Mommy Heather & Cuddles


Franie died at a young age. The vets weren't even exactly sure what was wrong with her. I will always miss her. I think about the time we spent together and know that every night when I think about her her spirit will carry on.
I love u soooo much!

Frankie, Freddie, Feebie, Fozzie and Frostie
I have been the proud parent of 5 little angels.Frankie,Freddie,Feebie,Fozzie and Frostie. Each one of my little angels meant the world to me. I miss them dearly and have been left with a broken heart. I'm here to tell them all that I love them very much.My life has been changed forever without them. I know you are all together and that gives me some peace. I want you to always know how much you will be missed by me. Words can never say how you changed my life in the 8yrs. you were with me. You were never ferrets to me but my little babies. I love you all so much and want you to know I'm there with you always. Until we are together again take care of each other. And you can still keep playing your tricks I just love them. Love your
momma Lori


Our Dear little Gadget
July 29, 2003

I bought Gizmo and Gadget for my wife on Christmas of '99. They were little babies at the store....Gadget came down with Adrenal problems last month and we had the best ferret Vet in New York State do surgery on her...She showed signs of being anemic but we all figured with proper diet she would get through this...Then it happened..Gadget stopped eating two weeks ago. Trips to see Doc, were many. Finally last week we had to leave her with Doc for constant feedings and meds. Yesterday, we called, as we did every day, and Doc told us her time had come..He was infection in her digestive system wouldn't go away, and she looked terrible. We drove those 60 miles to say our last goodbyes. The longest 60 miles I ever spent. We went in and Doc brought Gadget to us in our own little room. Hugs and kisses were given to our little girl for half an hour, and then Doc came and told us it was time....Judy, my wife, stayed with her 'til the, I couldn't bear to watch her go...Gadget was my alarm clock every morning at 4:30. She would get up in the bed with us and never touched Judy but would lick my bald head to let me know it was shower time...She would hop into the shower with me every morning and wiggle around, lapping up the water and have a great time with me.....all the while Gizmo slept...this was OUR time, and I miss OUR time dearly Gadge...54 years old, and I cried on Doc's shoulder when he brought her to the wasn't supposed to be this way....We brought her home and had our burial yesterday, and now she is resting in peace....WE LOVE YOU GADGET....With tears in our eyes, Goodbye honey.....Mommy, Daddy, and your Sister Gizmo

My sweet Lucy...She was the just the love of my life.
I miss the little "ting-a-ling-ling-a-ling" of her collar all over the house. I miss her stinky little smell (well, other people said she was a little stinky. I thought she smelled wonderful and snuggly). Whenever we were in the shower she would climb in. She would drink some water and get a little shower herself. Then just kind of pop in and out as she pleased. Lucy and Monkee (the cat) would take turns chasing each other around the house & biting each others rear ends playfully.
She knew we were her family. She recognized us from others. My sweet baby.
She would jump and leap around with her little mouth open and her ears up.
She would chase me down the hall biting at my ankles.
Lucy was a petite silver beautiful sweet 8 month old ferret.
Last night (7/6/03), she somehow escaped the house. We heard her bell outside, and we all ran out to look for her. My husband and oldest son heard the neighbors dogs barking
and some other noises that I wont describe to ferret lovers.
Even though it has not yet been 24 hours, I miss her so much.
I love you my sweet Goosey Muhfoosey. We all love you and miss you very much.
Signe Nelson


John was my first and has been my last ferret (until I move). About two years ago John was stolen by some neighbor's kids. By the time I had found out who took John, he had passed away. John and I were good pals and I could always let him sleep in my bed with me without a mess in the bed waiting for me in the morning. John loved Dr Pepper just as much as I do, although he never drank as much on account of me not letting him. We shared a lot of good times together and some bad(the crawling into my pants leg habit). John I will always remember you little buddy and although I might find a new ferret you'll always be my little guy.

Grace be with you,

Dear Sneeze (a.k.a. Sneezel, Sneeze the wease, Sneeze one-ton onion):

I loved you lots my little Whaz. I made some huge mistakes, like first of
all moving in with "that guy", second of all moving in to a place that
"didn't allow ferrets" (and abiding by it!) and third of all giving you away
to a well-meaning and loved friend whose philosophy on ferret freedom was a
little too liberal. You clawed your way out of his screen door and out of
our lives, and I will be forever sorry. I think about you still all the
time and hope that a ferret lover found you before something fatal did. You
were a wonderful friend and a constant joy.

Yer pal,


We bought Mindy while visiting our home town. What was suppose to be a quick stop at the pet shop ended being a great experience full of joy and love. Being allergic to cats I decided to take a ferret in my hands to see if I would have an allergic reaction... next morning whe couldn't wait to see her again and bring her home with us. She didn't mind the 8 hours drive back home and she seemed to have so much fun visiting her new home. Mindy brought us joy, love and laught. We only had her for two months when she left us. Her short life (5 months) sure left a lots of nice memories and a passion for ferrets. We will never forget you Mindy...
Mom and Dad

Little Bit
Little bit was one of our silver mitts that we had and she was very playful
and always wanted to get out of her cage so she could run around until one
day I noticed that she was not play like normally she would. She was very
weak and every time she took a step she laid back down because it was making
her tired. I took her to the vet and he gave her gave her some medicine over
the weekend. She didn't get any better and I took her back on Monday and she
was a number 7 on being anemic and she had a not in her stomach. Cotton our
big male albino gave her a blood transfusion and during the transfusion she
passed away. We are not sure what she had, but we are watching our other ones
to make sure we catch it in time on them. The vet said she had been sick for
a while and we just didn't know it until it was to late.


We lost Digger to Adrenal Cancer in March of 2002. We adopted him from a military individual being relocated to CA. He adopted him from a shelter. Not sure how old he was but we had him for 5 wonderful years. Christmas was his favorite time of the year, he preferred to be playing in the snow, unwrapping presents, or trying to steal Christmas bulbs. His favorite place to hide was my husbands combat boots, and how he loved raisins and the dogs food. He brought hours of nightly entertainment just being his fuzzy self. He is and always will be greatly missed. Our dog went into depression with his passing, and still checks his kennel to see if he is hiding in there.
We love and miss you - mommy, daddy, and hunter


It was January 18 around 12 at night i heard this screeching sound coming from her cage, her daddy holding her gently in his hands while she looked with fear and pain..i started to cry and i couldn't stand to watch her suffer..we decided to take her to an emergency vet that was open all night..the screeching sound continued for at least 2 hours..[its was so loud who knew a little ferret could make that horrible loud sound] The vets tried all they could..In the morning around 6ish-am we hurried to the vet..they had put her to sleep around 1:30ish am that night on January 19th, 2002 Penny lived up to 8 or 9 years..we weren't quite sure because we found her browsing in our backyard! She was our tough girl..[broken pelvis bone,went bald some disease, got lost for 4 days and someone returned her! how lucky were we to find her! and once we found her fainted in the cage] She was a gift from God she was truly one of the BEST friends I've ever had..she left behind her buddy cleo..and recently [5 days] we just got a 3 month baby ferret..and cleo is acting just like penny did so i keep saying penny when its actually cleo..and casper [new ferret] cleo! I know Cleo knows that isn't Penny but I'm sure she'll get along with her in a few months!
-Penny know lies safely buried in our backyard inside a box with our signatures saying how much we love her! There will never be another Penny! We Love You and Miss You soooooooo much! RIP Penny and Foxy [14yr dog who died not so long ago after her..knew her my whole life]With TONS of love..

-Cleo<-ferret, casey, mommy, daddy, tony, allan and [Joey!]<-family dog

Olivia Jean
Olivia was a bundle of joy! She was two years old when her baby brother Pookie chewed a hole in the dryer vent tubing and away they ran. Fortunately,Pookie came back but Olivia never did.

Olivia was a light in our lives. She really had that Ferret swing around going and then she would roll over,land on her feet as if to say "WHO ME?

Olivia, you were loved very much and I know that you knew that also.Your brothers and your moms and all your friends furry and human will miss you. I know you'll be waiting there in heaven for us.

You'll be in our hearts forever and will look forward to all being there together someday.

We Love You,
You Moms, LoLo and shernie
Brothers Buster and Pookie
Cousins So,Jack and Jinx


Rascle was my little angle. I got him 3 years ago. Him and his buddy Merline cost me alot of money but i love them both. Rascle died today january 8/03 at 9:55pm. He never died of any illness just old age. We miss you very much rascle and hope that you are in a better place. I know your not feelin any pain where you are and we want you to know that your mommy and daddy love you very much.

I received my baby Comet in early 1999 when he was around 2 from a
neighbor whose son abused him greatly. He would not be held or touched
unless it was on his terms for the first few months, but he then became a
wonderful , loving boy who loved to play outside and take walks on his
lead through the neighborhood. I lost him January of 2000 to cancer and
he has been dearly missed. I still have his picture up in my house and
see him every day. I may get another ferret in the future but there will
never be another Comet.

Raphael and Baby
I got Raphael five and a half yrs. ago. He had been abandoned. I had never
even held a ferret, so i cradled him like a baby, he started giving me
kisses all over my face, and i was in love.This past month. i took all my
kids in for their annual exam. Everything was fine. Then Raphael got sick.
He quit eating and drinking, i took him back to the vet, he said he had an
infection in his glands. The vet gave him an antibiotic shot, and put him on
oral antibiotics. It did no good, he got so skinny, he could'nt even walk.
So i took him back to the vet, and had him put to sleep. I can't watch him
suffer. Ten days later, my little girl, Baby came down with the same
symptoms, she was only two. She last five days, then started hemmorhging.
She died the next morning. I did alot of research on the web. There's a
disease called lymphosarcoma, my babies had all these symptoms. It's hard
enough to lose one, but both in such a short time. Every where i look. i
expect to see them, and it hurts so bad. My kids are buried next to each
other outside our bedroom window. Raphael, Baby, always know that I LOVE
YOU. And i hate that you had to suffer. If i could, i would have taken your
pain, because it would'nt hurt me, as much as i'm hurting right now. I LOVE
YOU TWO. Mom Raphael Dec. 13, 2002 Baby
Dec. 29, 2002


Flower came to me on February 28, 2001. He was being given away because the
owner (a teenager) no longer had interest in him. I was told that he was
around 2yrs old. The teen couldn't remember where or when he got him, & he
most likely had never been to a vet. He had thin, coarse hair, but was full
of energy & very curious. He lived outside in a wooden cage (we live in VERY
HOT, HUMID Florida!) with Linoleum lining that was peeling up at the edges.
His litterpan was just a rectangular plastic bin, with no entry cut into it.
But he still used it. They used clumping kitty litter, & fed him cheap food.
I took him to a very wonderful, ferret-knowledgeable vet the next day for a
check up. Besides being a bit malnourished, needing a bath, his nails
clipped, his ears cleaned & having coarse hair, everything checked out fine.
He grew to be a fat, happy, playful ferret who loved any type of ball shaped
toy. Never nipped, always used the litter pan, listened to "mommy" most of
the time, & quickly learned to be a shoulder ferret. He loved to be held &
cuddled, & adored burrowing in girl's long hair. He underwent a surgery in
April 2002 for a blockage, & recovered quickly. He was always a fighter. I
noticed over the months that he started tiring easily, but when he played, he
always did so with full force! On the evening of December 1, Flower became
sluggish & started vomiting. Since none of the vets were open, I just had to
keep an eye on him until I could get him to the vet. His little body gave up
early in the morning on December 2, 2002. I decided against a necropsy for
personal reasons, & we had a private backyard burial. After explaining the
symptoms to his vet, it is suspected that the problem could have been
complications with his respiratory or digestive systems, or possibly, a heart
failure. His time with me was short, but we made sure to make his time as
happy as possible. He was the best ferret a human could be owned by, & he
will be missed very much.

We love you Flower: From Mom, Dad, Faylene, Laura, Nick, Grama & Papa

Sable and Mercury

In Rememberance of Sable and Mercury:

Dear Babies,
It's not fair how abrubtly you were taken away from me and within such a
short time from eachother, but it obvioulsy happened for a reason. Sable,
I'm so thankful for the time we had. I hope you had a happy, full life. I
tried to provide that more than anything. Mercury, I'm so sorry I didn't
know what was wrong with you. I know now, but that really does no good. I
want you to know you were not alone when you passed on. I was with you all
the way even if I was not there physically. I tried my best baby girl and I
hope you know that. I hope you are behaving and keeping eachother company at
Rainbow Bridge. I will join you one of these days. Cougar is doing fine and
has two new friends. They will never replace the void Cougar or I feel for
you though. I still miss you guys terribly and can't wait to see you again.
Until then, I love you and miss you. Behave yourselves, and Mercury, don't
be too rough with Sable. You know he doesn't like to fight:)
Love you so much,

We lost our beautiful Missey girl to teminal cancer this morning. She was my best friend and support when I had no one else. Her sparkling little eyes could always make my worst day better. She survived by her mommy, wonderful grandparents and her baby sister Mayson who also has cancer. Missey will always hold a special place in our hearts. We'll never forget our Missey girl. In loving memory of Missey Nov. 8, 1998 - Nov. 29, 2002. Mama loves you!

11/13/02: I write this in loving memory of Reno. He was my boyfriend Dave's faithful companion for over seven years. All that Reno really knew was Dave and "Dave's world", be it a pile of laundry that he would nestle in, the sound of Dave's music playing, the sound of Dave's voice...He would always trot behind us as we'd walk down the hallway...He would peek into the room for a quick hello, then disappear into the other room for his next adventure or nap...How he loved his treats, and how we loved the sight of him running out as we'd shake the treat can, and the sound of him playing in a bag or drinking from his waterbottle...He always wanted to be close to Dave, and even on their last night together, Reno stayed close at Dave's heels. Thanks to a wonderful veterinary staff, thanks to Dave's care, and thanks to a Good God who blesses our li ves with wonderful creatures, Reno survived the insulinoma for much longer than we anticipated. We enjoyed and cherish the time we had with him, and we will always miss him. Rest in peace, Reno, with all our love.

We rescued bubbles from the local animal centre on the 11th of June 2000
when he was just a few weeks old. He was very cute and podgy.  Sadly we lost
him last night to an un-operable tumour which he had had for some time, he
was only two years old. We felt that it was unkind to leave him for any
longer as he had lost a lot of weight and had become lethargic. We will
always remember the way he used to jump into our arms and how when we first
brought him home he followed Simon one of our other ferrets around the cage.
We will miss him very much. we will never forget u, love ur mum and aunty.

I lost my Serena this morning at 1:15 am on 09/21/02. She was 7 1/2 years old and a delight to all. She started having horrible seizures 2 hours earlier and screeching in horrible pain. We did not know what was wrong or what to do and I felt so helpless. I had gotten her a companion ferret, Binky, when she was a year old and now I am worried about Binky and how she will handle being alone. My pain is great as is my whole family but it was nothing compared to her pain and suffering that went on for over 2 hours straight. I never ever thought something so wonderful and loving could go out in such a horrible and painful way. It is with great sorrow, tears and heartache that I write this now.
To you Serena, we will love you always, sweet dreams and kisses with hopes of seeing you again! Love (Binky), Mommy, Daddy, Andrew, Chris, Lyndsey and Amanda.

Nazumi Annabelle Prado

My twin sister and I
have a very best friend in the world
She is fun and funny
She is smart and sly
She means everything to us
And we mean everything to her
Her little body died yesterday
But Nazumi Annabelle will never die
She will be our best friend and we will be hers
Forever and ever and ever
We Love You Nazumi, Sarah and Christina (Your Sissies)

Snoopy and Azreal
On Wednesday, September 18, 2002, I let my two ferret babies leave this world together. Snoopy was guessed to be about 8 and Azreal about 6-7. Snoopy was very sick and Azreal was growing tumors. We knew as soon as I reached the vet that we would let Snoopy go that day. After careful consideration, we decided to let Azreal join him forever. She was not as sick but soon would be. And even more so without her best pal. I have a great vet and they made us comfortable. Gave me time to say good-bye. They provided a very nice casket and clay pawprints for me to bake at home. I soon received a sympathy card signed by the whole office (about 22 people). Snoopy and Azreal were together, wrapped around eachother. My husband gave them a toy and part of their favorite tunnel to take on their final journey. I am sure my Grandma is having fun chasing them around and will care for them until I see them again. Thank you for lettin g me share my tale. I will remember my little family members forever.

Greebo has joined Binky….
Cancer took our boy, but luckily it was caught before it destroyed his quality of life (thanks, Derek).
He was a faithful companion for five and a half years, and we both miss him terribly. I’m glad that he had a wonderful life, enjoyed his final week with other ferrets, and that I had the honour of being with him at the end.
We’ll both never forget you boy, find Binky and be together again.
Simon & Avril.

You came to me at a time when I was very lonely and all seemed dim.  I drove
4 hours to get you and when our eyes met, I knew you were coming home with
me.  I picked you up out of the cage and put you on my shoulder where you
immediately fell asleep.  You were so tiny when I brought you home and you
wasted no time in biting me that first night, but you never bit me hard again.
I will miss our walks around the courtyard and all the silly things you
did that cheered me up after a hard day at work.  You made me laugh, and
towards the end, I cried and cried to see how sick you were.  I'm sorry I
got mad at you for chewing my sneakers; it was my fault.  You were only here
for 2 1/2 years, but you were loved and cherished.  You weaseled your way
into the hearts of those who didn't even like ferrets and showed them that
you and your kind were good and sweet.  I'm so sorry that I couldn't stop
the lymphoma, but I tried to keep you as happy and as comfortable as possible
your last days.  August 9th was the hardest day of my life, when I took you
in and handed you to the technician.  Your little body was so weak by then
and I cried the whole way home.  I know that the Goddess must have needed
you and I am sure you are keeping Her quite entertained on the other side.
Your brother and I both miss you and love you very much.  Rest in peace,
baby boy.
Mommy and Zeus

Little Girl

We had to put our Little Girl to rest on Sunday, August 18, 2002. I miss her
terribly and visit where we buried her everyday. She has such a special
place in my heart where there is now a hole and know I will always miss her.
She was so little and such a sweetheart, she was our first and it was just
her for about 2 years before we got her a friend, Taz. He seems to be ok, we
think he knew she wasn't doing well, but I'm sad for him to be alone in their
huge cage when we can't be home. I can't even think about getting another
one, I could never replace my Little Girl. I love you sweetheart and think
of you all the time. I will never forget you or how special you are and will
never stop wishing you were here!!


I just lost Iris today, I decided that it was time after her last fit of seizures. I couldn't put her through the suffering anymore. After seeing her little body twist up and hearing her screech in what I assume was pain, I knew it was time for her to go. She's the 3rd one I've lost in a little over a year and it doesn't get any easier each time. i hope she's in a better place now, at least I know she's no longer fighting a losing battle with insulinoma.



My ferret Sugar passed away yesterday at age 10-1/2 years. She was
diagnosed with insulinoma almost 2 years ago, so I felt awful lucky to have
had her with me for that long. I feel like I am missing a small part of my
heart right now. Sugar ruled the house and with Valley & Lacey (shelties),
Alex & Lilly (labs), Hershey & Frost (cats) that was quite an achievement,
but they all parted the way when she walked into the room, they loved her
also, especially Hershey they had been raised together from the beginning
and were always playing together. She will be greatly missed by all.


Binky passed over yesterday, quietly and peacefully. I miss him so much
already, and his brother Greebo seems at a loss also. At five and a half
he'd enjoyed life, but it seems so short now. I can't help but keep looking
for him, exploring in bags & boots and generally being ferrety in a way only
he seemed able. Thank you Binky, for being you, and being with us. We'll
never forget you fuzznuts.
Simon, Avril and Greebo.

Janis and Jerry

I acquired Janis and Jerry when they were a year old. They were litter mates. Jerry and Janis would look out for each other. Janis was by her brothers' side until the very end of his 4 year battle with adrenal cancer. She died shortly after him, I think that she grieved herself to death. They had 2 more ferretly siblings Iris and Neishieda who miss them greatly. I just hope that these 2 gentle souls are somewhere playing together again.


My Precious young Sammy was taken from me last night when he discovered a loose board in the gate. The neighbors Husky ended Sammy's delightful charmed life. Sammy joined our family only a few short months ago and had not quite reached his first birthday. He was so beautiful, more so than any of the others with his perfect V shaped mask, Sammy was tender and affectionate but a tuff nut to crack when it came time to wrestle! God loaned him to me for such a short time; just long enough to take a chunk of my heart back with him to Heaven, Thank You Lord for every blessed moment. I miss him so much already. Forever means well meet again little Sammy! I love You, Bonni

Maclaine (Mac)

Maclaine or "Mac" was our first ferret. We got him as a young kit at a pet store where the employees
were drawn to him as one of their favorites. Mackie was a "people ferret" from the start, and always
came running at the sound of his name to see what was happening. We often called him a "ferret ambassador" because his gentle nature could turn anyone into a ferret lover. Now he is gone at six years old after a long illness and a hard fight to spend every day that he could with us. There is such a feeling of emptiness in our home without him. It's amazing how a little tiny guy can make such a big impact! Mac's two ferret "brothers" will also miss the "big guy" that
tought them everything they know about ferretry! I know that he has gone over that rainbow bridge where he can
run and play and be healthy again, but we will always miss that little man. We were so lucky to have had him
as part of our family... Jenn and Nick  (Farley and Simon, too)

Albin was a true gift from god. He is missed dearly by me.There hasn't been one
day since his death on March 19,2001 that I havn't thought of him.  He was my
BEST friend. I got another ferret but she isn't like him.  I guess nothing will
ever be as loved.

Buddy was a special ferret,she always gave ferrety kisses.Buddy passed away
on Nov.15,2000 from a bloodclot about 13 hrs. after adrenal surgery.This came
as a shock to me because the vet said her surgery was minimal because when he
opened her up he didn't see any tumors so he closed her up.This was her
second adrenal surgery,(she had cryosurgery on her right adrenal gland in
April 2000,she recovered without any complications).I will never forgive
myself for sending her to her death when nothing was wrong with her.My vet
and I both thought her symptoms had returned but we were wrong.I should have
insisted on a blood test,if I had done that my girl would still be here with
me and her ferret sisters.She will be missed forever.She was our first
ferret,she taught me what a joy it was to love those little fuzzballs.


..a very loved and spoiled fuzzy who had Dean and Rhiannon wraped around his little paw...he will be missed by us all.

Holly and Molly

I got our little girls when they were just weeks old. They were sisters from
the same litter. Holly (the darker one on the bottom) was our little
kamikaze girl. Loved to play, jump and climb brick walls. She got an adrenal
tumor about 3 years ago, had the operation and did o.k. After the operation
Molly was the little mother taking care and keeping Holly warm and always
making sure she was close by. Recently Molly our little butterball (the
lighter one on top) started not acting like herself, very sleepy and would
just lay around. After a week or so Holly got the same symptoms, they both
stopped eating, playing, drinking or doing anything for that fact. We
thought they had a bug and would bring them to the vet everyday for IV
shots, feed them Duck soup with a syringe and give them their meds. After
about 2 weeks Molly had enough. Her system ended up shutting down on
September 7, she was awake but wouldn't move. Thinking we could do a post
mortem and maybe try to save Holly, we found out it was Lymph node cancer as
well as a couple of other things that were incurable. Holly at this point a
week after Molly was put down still wasn't eating or walking on her own. Her
adrenal tumor was back. We couldn't put her through it any more. She was
laid to rest next to her sister one week to the day. The night Holly was put
to sleep there was a beautiful, brilliant, vivid rainbow in the sky, I knew
at that moment they met at rainbow bridge, I Hope they will wait for us
there also. My girls were and always will be everything to us, We miss them
more than they ever will know. I love you girls I hope your playing and
having fun with each other again. We cant wait to see you both at the
rainbow bridge. Love always, Mom Dad and Big Boo

Monday, July 30, 2001
Our little Ginger died today.    She was at least eight years old (we are not sure how old she actually was-  we adopted her as an adult) and had been suffering from various health problems (kidney failure, insulinomas, heart disease) for  the past year.   She was our special buddy for six years and brought a lot of joy and laughter to our family.  She LOVED to eat, and actually ate a large meal right before she died ( she barely had a heartbeat,  however she mustered up enough strength to lift her head and lick some food crumbs off of the veterinary technician's arm-   that's our Ginger!).  She was a feisty little critter who had a wonderful zest for life.  We miss you so much little "Twinkle Toes."  It just won't be the same around here without you.  Thank you for giving us so many smiles.  I hope we gave you many smiles too.  We love you.
Love,  Mahri and Family

We got Bella at a shelter on Father's day. She was just so beautiful, we had
to have her. She was a great sister to Baby, Sara, Sherlock, Opal and Tonka,
the little boy that she would watch over and protect from the other ferrets.
She loved anything leather and to fall asleep in a pant leg. We love and
miss you so very much baby girl and I'll see you again soon.
Mommy, Daddy and



My ferret Noodle was a gift from my dad. I got her when she was one year old.
She brought many happy moments and memories. She would always cheer me up if
I was feeling sad or upset just by looking at me with that sweet face. I
would instantly forget my troubles when I was with her. We have a pet parade
every year downtown in the city I live in and Noodle went every year taking
second place in her category. She was like a star, children and adults would
always stop just to pet her and say hello. She would brighten anyone's day.
She lived to be 8 yrs old. She passed away on Tuesday June 19, 2001 from the
adrenal gland disease. I can say that she looked very peaceful curled up in
her hammock where she liked to play and sleep. She was a great friend and
companion and I really miss her. I will always have a special place in my
heart for her, I will always love her and she will never be forgotten.



Oscar, I will miss you everyday until I see you again. With all that you went through and all the love you gave so freely you will always hold a very special place in my heart and in the hearts of Sadie, Winnie and Bear. Love Mom

Jerry, Oscar was a very special little guy. From a very young age he was completely deaf due to a fever and it never slowed him down. I just want to share the beautiful warmth he shared with us.
Thank you,
Penelope "Melabee"

Her name was Penelope, but my 5 year old son couldn't say that so she was called "Melabee". She was a trouble maker, but sweet as can be. She died on May 18th 2001.
One thing I will always remember is, her little hiding place was under the kitchen cabinets, there was a little hole she would go in through. She would always steal the toilet bowl brush and try to get it through the hole, but she could never do it, she tried for months. The day before she died, she finally got that brush under the cabinets! I have left the brush under there, she worked so hard to get it under there, who am I to take it out?
We miss you so much!

My ferret came to me as a gift from my sweet boyfriend now husband in 1995. He
was 2 months old & we called him Jerry, after the late Jerry Garcia. He was
unusually well mannered and well tempered. He survived 8 major moves and 2
kids happily and made lots of friends along the way until the 13th of
December 2000. He would have been 6 years old on the 6th of January 2001. We
are still unsure of what caused his death. He spent his last night on earth
with me wrapping Christmas presents. When I woke early that morning I was
alarmed to not find him curled up next to me. When I found him under the bed
he looked as peaceful as ever eternally sleeping in my husbands pajamas. He
was a good friend & is missed & loved dearly by all of us.

My ferret Rocky passed on 5 days after I got her.   She was 2 months old and was the greatest gift any one could have. She died on march 14, 2001.   I will never forget her.   She died from the paint on her cage cuz she was teething and the paint caused a slow death.  I hope no ferret will have to die like that.

Till we see each other in heaven-   I'll love you now and for ever Rocky.

Our new member of our family died about two weeks after we got him. He was so
loving and so playful.   Abu is my 3 year old ferret and she misses him very
much.   We Love you Genie and miss you so much

The Brackett's and Abu

ZuZu Pettles
Our beautiful little albino ferret named ZuZu Pettles, filled our hearts with joy and love for 10 and 1/2 years. Even though she was so very sick she always gave kisses and cuddled. She died on Christmas Day,2000.   ZuZu will be our favorite little Christmas Angel forever and will always be in our hearts.   We love you. The Hamilton Family


I just want to say thank you for all the Love and cuddles and treats that I
have gotten and above all thank you for Loving me the way I needed to be
Loved. Please remember me and that I Loved everyone of you. good-bye.



I would like to mention a very special ferret ---- Slewey.
She was a very nice ferret. She died not lonely --- she had Tigger -- who is
still here with us. Tigger can't wait to see Slewey and I can't wait either.
I hope she is happy and healthy.

Bitmap Image

This beautiful ferret named Grizz passed away on the night of August 25, 2000, from an unexplained illness.
He was a wonderful ferret who filled his humans with insurmountable joy and love.   He is dearly missed, and his family hopes that his story can help others who may find themselves in the same horrifying situation.  Grizz and his family fought very hard and did everything they could to battle his sudden illness, however his condition had veterinarians at a loss. Please read his story (see  Ferret Stories), and see if you can help his family solve the mystery behind his illness and death.


These are pictures of Kaila and Zimbob, my first two ferrets.  Kaila died at the age of 8 in 1997 from complications due to insulinomas and a diseased right adrenal gland.  Zimbob died at the age of six in 1996 due to complications with insulinomas and adrenal disease.  They kept their upbeat love of life while veterinarians in my area tried to diagnose their health conditions and administer treatment, mostly by trial and error (believe it or not, ferrets were not common pets in my area during that time).  They will always have a special place in my heart, and they are the inspiration behind this web site.  Kaila loved to position herself on my exercise mat while I did sit ups and play with my hair, neck and ears each time my head went down and Zimbob loved to go for rides on the bushy end of a broom.  I loved them dearly and they are always in my thoughts...

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