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A Review of the Nutritional Needs of a Ferret by THOMAS R. WILLARD, PH.D. ANIMAL NUTRITION  ( a must read)

Medical Information (in alphabetical order)

Includes informational links for:   Adrenal Disease,  Aleutian Disease, Canine Distemper, Cardiomyopathy, Deafness,  ECE (green slime disease), Heart Worm Disease, Helicobacter Mustelae, Insulinomas, Lymphosarcoma, Kidney Failure and Vaccination Information.

Ferret Medical Information on Many Topics

Adrenal Disease

Miami Ferret

(very long post, but VERY informative)

 (photo of an adrenal ferret)

Ferret FAQ from Ferret Central

Vet Centric

West Hills Animal Hospital

Aleutian Disease (ADV) Aleutian Disease in Ferrets

American Ferret Association

Pet Care Forum/ Aleutian Disease in Ferrets by Susan A. Brown, DVM

Richard R. Nye, DVM

Canine Distemper In  Ferrets

Miami Ferret


Miami Ferret