Grooming Your Ferret

Grooming your ferret is very important for optimum health. Your ferret needs to be brushed regularly to avoid hairballs, and nails have to be clipped weekly to keep them from snagging on carpet and bedding. You should bath your ferret only once a month or less as too much bathing could actually case a stronger musky odor and dry skin and coat. For in between bath fresh ups, bath wipes formulated for kittens or ferrets can work well. You should brush your ferret’s teeth using a tooth paste formulated for ferrets or kittens using a finger tooth brush at least once a month. Finally, your ferret will need to have ear cleanings using an ear cleaner formulated for ferrets when wax build up occurs. You should check your ferret’s ears weekly for signs of wax build up or thick dark brown or black ear wax. Dark wax could be a sign of ear mites and requires a trip to your veterinarian (especially if your ferret is scratching their ears frequently).

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