Ferret Shelters

Are you thinking about purchasing a ferret?  How about visiting your local ferret shelter first! Adopting a ferret from a  ferret shelter is a great way to give wonderful ferrets a loving home. They usually have ferrets in all age groups and colors and will adopt in singles, pairs, and even trios.  Often  the adoption fee (the proceeds go  back into the shelter to help pay for ferret care) is less than the price you would pay in a pet store. The American Ferret Association has a wonderful list of ferret shelters. Please visit the link below.

The American Ferret Association Ferret Shelter List

P.S.  Please consider giving a donation or volunteering your services at  one of your local ferret shelters.  Many of these shelters are run by individuals or families who have to pay out of their own pockets to care for the ferrets.  Many are in debt due to mounting veterinary bills and supply bills.  These people work twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to care for the shelter ferrets.  Just a ten dollar donation or a single bag of ferret food can help feed several ferrets for a week (you can even purchase the ferret food online and just ship it directly to the shelter).  Most shelters are also in need of old blankets, towels, food dishes,  toys, etc. to help keep the ferrets comfortable.  We have provided the e-mail addresses, web site addresses and street addresses of the shelters whenever possible.  Please contact a shelter near you to see if you can help!  I guarantee you will make a lonely or sick ferret's day a lot brighter.

If you do not see a ferret shelter in your area, or if you would like to help a ferret shelter, please visit http://www.supportourshelters.org/ for more information.


Some Ways to Help  Ferret Shelter

1.  Shop online AND help out the ferret shelter of your choice!   A percentage of  your purchases from  the "IGive  Shopping Mall" will be donated to your chosen Ferret Shelters through IGive.com once you sign up (just sign in with your e-mail address, search with the keyword "Ferrets" and pick a ferret shelter to support- they have 64)!   Click the link below for details and shopping.

IGive Link

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