Ferret Proofing Your Home

Curious By Nature

Ferrets are very curious by nature, and can get into everything! Unfortunately, ferrets can get injured or even killed by getting into things they are not supposed to. Although it is impossible to completely "ferret proof" your home, certain things can be done to make sure your ferret stays safe.

Unfortunately, one of the most prevalent causes of premature ferret death is gastrointestinal blockage. You can protect your ferrets by keeping a close eye on what they like to chew on. Basically, ferrets like any type of foam rubber, soft rubber, couch stuffing, sponge and Styrofoam (nerf darts are a big favorite). Additionally, many ferrets also enjoy chewing on paper, plastic bags, cardboard and fabric. These will all cause gastrointestinal blockages if ingested.

Make sure you know where your ferret is at all times while they are out and about. My veterinarian has told me horror stories of ferrets getting killed by accidentally getting into the dishwasher or clothes dryer. Make sure areas where they can get under cabinets are blocked off. Make sure your ferret is not under couch cushions or digging into the couch and getting under the couch or chair springs before you sit down.

Keep your ferret away from cleaning supplies, soap and shampoo. Ferrets do enjoy eating these and they will make them sick and can be lethal. House plants can also be poisonous so please keep these out of reach of your ferret.

Create a "ferret safe" room for your ferret to play in that is free from things they can ingest or spaces they can get into. This will give you and your ferret peace of mind when you can't be there to supervise them.

For more great tips on ferret proofing your home and much, much more, check out The EverythingFerret Complete Guide to Ferrets and Ferret Care.