About Us

Greetings!    I just wanted to take a few minutes and tell you a little bit about myself.   I have a Masters degree in the field of Behavior Analysis (I am not a veterinarian), and I have been a devoted ferret owner for over 20 years.  During that time, I have had a lot of problems finding correct information on ferret care.  Believe it or not, ferret care has come a long way since I purchased my first ferret........
The day I purchased my first ferret,  I left the pet store with a lot of questions.  Ferrets were not common pets in those days and there really wasn't very much information available.   The pet store staff was less than helpful.  I learned how to care for my ferret through trial and error and by reading anything and everything I could about them.  Finding a veterinarian who treated ferrets in my area was yet another struggle.

Today, ferrets have become the third most popular pet!  However, research in ferret medicine, nutrition and behavior is an on going process.  The "best " way to house, train and feed a ferret ten years ago is nothing close to what it is today.  I am still finding numerous contradictions in books, web sites, etc.
I decided to start this web site so that I could share all of the information I have gathered.  Personal experience helps a lot as well.   I love ferrets and want to provide ferret owners with a site they can visit to help answer questions . I hope to update this site with new articles and products a few times each month, so visit often to find new information.  Ferrets are wonderful animals and can bring their humans insurmountable joy.  Give them lots of love and proper care and they will constantly surprise you with their antics and intelligence!  Thank you for visiting!  

Best wishes,